Big W opens Online Retail Store


Big W has taken the plunge and went into the online retail market. They have put their online store are today. Compared to North America and Europe, Australia is lagging behind in the world of ecommerce. Large warehouses Myers, David Jones and Target do not store.

The launch of the Big W store is great news for ecommerce in Australia. It means that large chains can start investing real money in selling online.

online stores such as overstocked, DStore, OO and Big Brown Box has been open for many years now. Australian consumers are used to purchase goods and services through the Internet.

The Big W Online

The Big W store has over 4000 products in various categories –

* Electronics

* Baby

* Photo

* Home & Garden

* Fashion

* Entertainment

* Toys

* Sports & Leisure

Delivery Options

Australia post is used to delivery of goods. It seems like a fairly simple pricing structure is used. Pricing for the package are as –

* Packages of less than 500 grams will cost $ 4.98

* Packages under 10 kg will cost $ 9.98

* Packages of 10 kg costing around $ 20

* Express Post is also an option but an extra charge of


PayPal is available as a payment method. PayPal is not available on other websites such as Woolworths and Wooolworths Home Shop.

Prices Online

Big W have stated that there is no price difference between it and store it is normal stores.



The website seems to be nice and simple to navigate. The cover does have a lot of pictures and banners trying to get your attention. I think this could have been cleaner design.


It is established and ratings for products. Customers want to read reviews and ratings from other customers. Just as stories can make customers feel happy that they are ordered good product.

Product Images

product would have a nice public display. Other images of the product are displayed as thumbnails. This makes it really clear that other forms of the product. I think this is very good.

Estimate delivery

The estimated delivery fee is a great tool. By entering your zip code on the product page, you can see exactly how much you’re going to pay for delivery. There is nothing more frustrating to customers when they need to go through the checkout process to see the cost of delivery.

Tell a friend

The tell a friend tool has done better as well. A nice project folder appears with a chance to send information to your product. Many online stores benefit to have this tool.

stock levels

You can check stock levels of certain products as well. By entering a transaction code, you can see inventory levels in many of the Big W stores. It also shows the distance to each store. If the store is low in stock, it displays the phone number so you can call a particular store. You could call the store and check stock and maybe they could order the product for you.

Overview of functions

The features of the website have been nice. You would expect that from a large department store, but even they can get it wrong sometimes.

The light boxes (popup) load very fast. There is nothing more annoying then these broken.

The website still has some formatting issues to resolve. Some of the text exceeds the background in some places. I’m sure they will want these up as the site continues to improve.

Wrap Up

It is great to see the big department stores go online. Overall, I think it will help push online sales in Australia and hopefully other department stores will follow.


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