Internet Business – Own eBay Store versus owning your own website


Today, a growing number of business owners are growing disenchanted with eBay as a marketing partner. Aside from the endless cost insertion fees on top of the store charges, eBay is making it harder for sellers to use the payment method of choice. In addition, consumers are increasingly wary of eBay sellers for a number of reasons.

As pay-per-click and social level marketing become more efficient, many business owners returned to the websites marketing. Consider that when you have your own website, you can put as many products and payment options you want on it. As long as you purchase enough bandwidth and hosting space, you can also use a wide range of promotional strategies.

Unfortunately, when you use eBay stores, you can not have a product online indefinitely. Instead, you have to pay expensive fees installations, exorbitant commissions, and monthly storage charges far the most elaborate website hosting package cost. On top of that, you have to use the tools that the merchant may not include the latest technology. You may also be forced to use Paypal as one of the payment gateways even when your own local merchant account services would be better for you.

When you have your own website, you can also take advantage of many different types of marketing tools that are prohibited on Ebay. Especially if you have a number of blogs, you can point them to your website, and thus build up a strong backlash network. On the other hand, when you have an eBay store, the only one who really profits from all the backlinking is eBay competitors. Therefore, if you are an eBay store, or are considering signing on for one, it would be best to look for other marketing tools, and use eBay only as a last resort.


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