What You Should Consider Before Buying Online


Today, there are several types of Internet technologies that make things much easier, faster, broader and more efficient than traditional shopping. Twenty years ago there were only a few options for buying things from the comfort of your own home (phone and catalog ordering). Today, the Internet has changed that. One concept, that while may not really be any “faster” in terms of delivery is to buy online through online retail stores. This has revolutionized the way we choose what we are buying, when, and from whom. You can now get out of bed at 4 am and order a brand new LCD HD-TV in a few minutes (if you already know what make and model you want. If not, you can shop around a bit. Still, the opportunity to see the store is still possible right from your home at 4) Then you can go right back to sleep without having to talk to anyone. Instead of having two, three or even five stores in your area that you now have literally thousands, and potentially millions of online businesses that you can shop for the item. Gone are the days of waiting until the truck is in the Sears until you get this great new toaster. You can purchase the item directly from their online store and they can be out the door in no time. You never have to leave your house. If one store is not a thing, it’s likely several more will.

Often buyers looking for the very best deal in terms of price. Well obviously not true? Sure, but do not buy based on price alone …

While price is certainly a factor it should not be only what you do based on the purchase of a website. Just like buying directly on the physical location there are many factors other than the price a buyer should consider before buying from a web store. Shipping is the most obvious. Often the prices of some online shops appear considerably low, until shipping is calculated. In addition, shipping is sometimes a transaction fee (usually only up to a dollar but still it can be). The store has to inform the buyer before the actual purchase if this is the case. Some list this on shopping in smaller font (type face) so it can go unnoticed. Read your shopping cart calculation before hitting “submit” to see if in fact you have to pay a transaction fee of some sort. It is also a fact that some e-commerce websites are slow to process your order. It may take up to ten days to ship an item from the time of purchase with some online stores (although this is usually not the “norm”).

You need to consider how they are shipping the item well. Consider which company uses as a transport medium to ship the product. Do you prefer UPS or Federal Express? Does it matter to you? How do you feel about shipping through the USPS (United States Postal Service)? Are there any other companies you’d rather have it shipped with, and if so, what are their prices? What shipping method are they offering? Is it going to take three to four days or two weeks to deliver the item after it has shipped? What are the companies return policies? What are the rules Refund? How long would either take to complete and to actually get your account reimbursed you should have the right and accepted a refund? Good online retail shop should work with “SSL encryption” when the post today. Make sure this is pointed out some where on their website. 128 bit encryption is now standard for online transactions (2008).

This is completely safe and secure. The data is placed in the tunnel. Means data packets are placed into protective outer packages. This helps to ensure both data integrity and transmission security. The data is scrambled and / or encrypted with some sort of keyed objects. This means that the data sent in the transaction is scrambled and undecipherable to an outside source should be flown. A separate set of keys used to encrypt and decrypt data, and it’s basically impossible to crack (IE) key required to actually read the data sent. Make sure the transaction is processed with at least 128-bit encryption of the store you choose to shop. Also it is a good idea to read the companies’ privacy policies. ” A “Privacy Policy” is a statement that informs the buyer whether or not they sell, or trade your personal information (such as name or address, etc.). The majority of online shopping websites do not participate in any of this information sell or trade these days. Regardless be sure to check to see if the web store has a privacy policy and if they do what it involves.

How’s online business customer?

Customer Service “aka customer support” is very key in the online market today. Consumers seem to be more willing to buy from someone or a certain company that is reliable, prompt and education about online sales process …. not to forget courteous and fair. Consumers are looking for more “down to earth” and honest customer support department versus several times phoney “Yes Sir, Yes Ma am. … Yes rights Sir, Yes Ma is right” to run through. Do not over look or slight common customer respect and courtesy to customers, but certainly these days it seems this approach is at times over done. Many times it is over-Sone and really customers feel belittled by over-dose of this. Often when it’s over do it seems to fill a void or take out the real answer or a good informed response. There needs to be a balance of both. You’ll know in the first five minutes of conversation. You can judge this interaction from gut instinct. If your intuition says …. “I’m mis-informed or I get the run-around here” … it is a very good chance that you probably are. You can look at the search for reviews just by typing a phrase like this, expect company name is “Company B”. Search “Company B Reviews” and it is very likely that you will find consumers positive experiences, negative experiences, or a combination of both. It is probably best Needless to say, you choose to buy from have a much more positive and a little negative reviews regardless great buy you could possibly be gambling purchasing from a website that has a less than favorable over-all review. Take it from an avid online buyer for several years, and now himself also be online seller …. it may not be worth it to you.

Another issue to consider, how far will they go to please me as a customer?

Will special items order and email when they are available? Will they call me on the phone to tell me that the team comes in if I request this (most will just email, but there are others who will do either). Are buying perks or discounts?

Do you enjoy browsing their website?

Is their website appealing? Is it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for? It is fun or boring to use? Yes, that’s right, buy online should be pretty ….. well, fun! The websites look and interface used normally dictates much of this to the user.

When the thing is, it is described as the website?

Is items in size and function as described? As the term is described in terms of state? Was it packed correctly and securely?

I realize there are countless questions here. The reason I, as the author of this article have not always included answers or explanations is that some of these questions are answered without explanation.

In short, a whole new world when it comes to shopping online versus the old days in terms of comfort. However, it is indeed a mixture of old values ​​and new customer / Service connection that buyers are taking into consideration.

up front, direct, open, and honest minus all the bells, whistles, and fluff seems to be the way consumers prefer online shopping experience in today’s day and age. Search around. Just because you are purchasing items online does not mean you are not valued customers.


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