So What Does the Last Shall Be First Really Mean in Today’s World?


You have heard Jesus say that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. What does it mean for the last to be first? Does it mean we have to come last in life and have a hard life to be first in the Kingdom of God? Or does it have another meaning that was can all aim to achieve if we put our mind to it?

Jesus said what it means another way when He said, “If anyone wants to become greatest in the Kingdom of God, he should become the servant of all.”

What does being a servant of all look like. Let me share a story with you.

One time I met a preacher that was invited from Malaysia to our country by a man at a church I used to go to. The man that came was very humble and the best teacher of the Bible I have ever met. He seemed to know what every verse in the Bible meant and I asked him over 200 questions about passages in the Bible and he had an answer for every one of my questions. When he taught he was open to questions from us and often the questioning would last more than 20 minutes before he got back to his text.

He was patient with me. I have never met a guest speaker who allowed me to ask so many questions. He was simply our servant for a week. He taught us what the Holy Spirit told him to teach and in between he was there to answer all our questions. There was nothing that he did not know about the Bible, but instead of being puffed up by the knowledge he was humble and very willing to take his time to explain it to us in simple language so we could understand.

This man was what Jesus called the greatest in the Kingdom. He was powerful in his own life, and yet still he was humble and easy to ask questions. One time in India on a mission trip he even served me coffee as he knew my hands had a tremor and I could not do it. I felt so honored that day that he served me the coffee.

Do you know, that is how Jesus was? He knew the scriptures more than any man that had come before Him and yet he was patient and kind and put it simply to His listeners. He had the time and the patience to explain things in the simplest of ways so people could understand. He would do a day of preaching and then stay up late into the morning explaining to his followers what he meant.

Jesus wants us to serve people with our gifts and talents and not just serve ourselves. He wants us to give of our time and our money to serve lost humanity. It’s through serving others that we are great in the Kingdom.


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